The Levee and Her Ocean

Blue slams into pearly white
You held my heart that night
Ripples wave against the Levee
Her heart was never ready

Cool to the touch but warm and inviting
He was ever so exciting
Levee’s need lighting
So he ushers in the light and a sense of sight

Slow and steady the water flows
Until the Levee learns to let go
Then the water seeps in
Cascading her with him and sin

Together, they live again
The Ocean runs fiercely through the Levee
Although she breaks, she is steady,
Because her heart was secretly always ready

To let in the Ocean.
Despite nature’s constant motion,
He has always been her Ocean
She embraces him with her arms wide open

To the Levee and her Ocean
Two souls flutter in motion
They could have chosen another
But the Ocean and the Levee found each other.


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