The Fighter and Red’s Letters


Every word comes out with blood
Every emotion running like a dangerous flood
For you, there is always a place
And a warm embrace

The Fighter lays down the sword
To stand by you whispering every word in accord
The Fighter’s visions blurred by Red
Red for your heart and the words not dead

Grant life to the Red Letters
So time can make it better
Cast White light to the darkness
So words can transcend the time and starkness

Birds fly South for the winter
But the words can sore forever and reenter
They have the instinct to survive
Red Letters can always thrive

Do not gut out their heart
Do not tear the words apart
There’s life in every letter
There’s life for the Fighter and Red together

For the Fighter and dear Red
Words and Letters are not dead
For Fighter and Red there is life in the clouds
To all the Words and every last Letter
For they can weather
When the world bears too many crowds

For the Fighter and dear Red
All is not dead
The stakes are steep
But the words and the letters penetrate deep.

Words last an eternity
And Red Letters last in adversity.
To the Fighter and Red
There’s still so much left unsaid.



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