The Fair Maiden’s Helen of Troy

For he is the ruiner of men
The Helen of Troy
The leech that steals and destroys life’s joy
The reason the Maiden falls again

He’s like a naiad
Capturing her open and eager heart
Before unspeakable, ultimate destruction
Flooding her lungs with her blood
And the brokenness that is him.

He is the poison
The overdose of morphine
The Helen of Troy in masculinity
Filled with foolishness and uncertainty

The rope tightens around her neck
He yanks the rope with his every move
The fair maiden’s mother would greatly disapprove
For she should have checked before she fell for a hopeless wreck

Alas the fair maiden sealed her fate
In a cold, bitter winter at the dawn of a new year
To the one with awful traits
And a lifetime where humanity does not appear
For he is here
And it does not reside in him.

For he is the ruiner of the fair maiden
The Helen of Troy
Beware of the suit that he masquerades in
Because he only aims to destroy.



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