For the minutes it took to see your smile

For the times I asked you to stay awhile

For the years I held you close to my heart



For the times I loved you in the dark

And all the moments we met again after being apart.

To all the touches that started a spark.



For that smile of yours is forever smeared in my mind

With the glimmer of hope and all that is divine

Your arms intertwined with mine

Memories laced together until the end of time



Is two thousand five hundred and fifty-five days of

Your voice

Your smile

Your laugh.

It is all filled with you.


Seven is

Reminiscence of Red

And choosing you instead.

Fear of what lies ahead while

holding onto every last word you ever said.


Sweet Summers

Envelopes with fiery letters

Very few secluded moments

Even when it was just you and me,

Nothing ever seemed easy.


So much for the smiles and

Embrace every once in a while.

Violence and prejudices of the past

Erasing eager moment I wish could last.

Never has my heart seen much whoa.



For I love you still.


Because I always will.


Seven is how long you have been a piece of dear, sweet heaven.

Seven is two thousand five hundred and fifty-five days of you molding yourself into me.





Here’s to seven.


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