Thirteen is

red meeting blue

and seeing what is true.

Thirteen is meeting someone

And not knowing if they will stay.

Thirteen is bad hair with black and white.

And never knowing what was right.

Thirteen is

The winter where I found you

Thirteen is losing someone you love

It is seeing darkness but finding the light.

It is me wishing you’d hold on tight

And caring enough to fight.

Thirteen is easy

It is having the entire world under your feet

But allowing it to crumble in your hands.

Thirteen is for holding the glass globe

And letting it break.

Thirteen is feeling like the world ended when it just began.

Thirteen is

Finding you

Interacting you

Unsure what one should do.

Farewell Thirteen

It was earnestly easy.

It was being true.

To me

And to you.

Thirteen was before the storm

Before the two were torn

Thirteen was the beginning of everything.



There was you and me.

Thirteen was the beginning

Of a world more worth living.


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